Incredible transformation of an old house into a cozy home.

Everything was done by hand.

This small house is located on the American peninsula of Cape Cod. A young couple, Julie and Josh, inherited it along with their main house. Previously, gardening tools were stored here, but in the 70s, Julie’s mother converted the space into a studio.

Now the once empty house has a chance for a new life. New York architect Malachi Connolly volunteered to help the couple transform an old barn into a cozy home.


First they decided to replace the roof, which was threatening to collapse. The building itself was upholstered with siding, and the door and windows were changed. Only the small window arch was not touched, as it makes the structure unique.

Inside, the half-rotten plywood floor was replaced, the walls were patched up, and sound insulation was installed.

Architect Malachi Connolly painted it white with hints of blue and yellow. This color scheme was also applied to the interior walls, which made it possible to create a Mediterranean interior.


Most of the space was equipped as a living room. Guests have access to a kitchen and a sitting area in the main house.

A bathroom was made on the ground floor, and instead of a bathtub there was a summer shower outside.

An old staircase leads to the second floor, which remains as strong as many years ago. There is also a bedroom located here, where it is always comfortable and bright due to the skylight.


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