It was and became: how a 17th century house was restored on a budget.

See how a pair of two architects transformed a 300-year-old house in Mallorca without spending all the money in the world. Spoiler: the simpler the better.

The owners of this two-story house – spouses Juan Palencia and Marta Colon – moved to Spain from cold Switzerland, where they developed their architectural bureau. The choice of Palma de Mallorca was not accidental, because Marta comes from the neighboring town of Esporlas. 

I always dreamed that I would return home and live with a view of the sea. Dreams Come True.
The former owners of the house made major renovations back in 1970. During the renovation, the house lost all historical details. The only thing that showed its age was the vaulted ceilings. 
It was important to Juan and Marta to bring back all the historical beauty of their new home. The couple restored the decoration of the facade and roof in the style of a traditional Majoran house, and also installed shutters in the turquoise color customary for this area.
The layout remained the same, the only thing that was changed was the addition of two windows in the back of the house and the removal of a partition in the kitchen. It was important for the couple to make the house as airy and bright as possible, because the vaulted low ceilings in the cluttered space resemble a cave. 

All the walls in the house were painted with matte white mineral paint, and the vaulted ceilings were whitewashed with lime. The old cement tiles on the first floor were replaced with lime flooring, and on the second floor they were replaced with terracotta tiles. The interior of the house was made according to all the traditions of Major houses of the 16th century – possesiós.

We formulated the idea of ​​the interior as follows: to run barefoot around the house carefree all year round.

In the kitchen, all storage areas and appliances (refrigerator, washing machine and oven) were hidden in the walls and window sills behind flush doors, or, in other words, invisible doors.

Such doors completely merge with the walls, forming a single whole. Please note that the trim and hinges are carefully disguised, but there are no handles at all.

While renovating behind the false fireplace, the couple unexpectedly discovered a working fireplace and decided to keep it. The center of the kitchen is a large bright table and two traditional Major rocking chairs. 

By the way, all the chairs in the house are vintage: some are in the Major style, they were in the house from the very beginning, several are traditionally Scandinavian, a couple bought them in Basel, and the rest were bought at flea markets in Paris. 

The fireplace is not the only highlight in the kitchen. There is even a well that collects rainwater. A surviving reminder of the house’s centuries-old history. 

On the floor above there are two bedrooms, a winter living room and a library. The interiors of the rooms support the general concept – the simpler the better. For example, in the bedroom, vintage chairs serve as bedside tables. And the main decoration is the view from the window. 

The stairs to the right of the well lead to the bathroom.

Another tribute to Mallorcan traditions are the small symbols under the tiles teules pintades. It is believed that they protect the residents of the house from adversity. 

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