Was that even possible? Pay a mortgage on a house and live in a cozy 23 m² garage.

What the most comfortable garage we’ve seen looks like.

the artist Michelle de la Vega found herself in a difficult situation. To make it possible to pay off the mortgage, she rented out her house and moved to live in the garage. Michelle, of course, first arranged her new small home of 23 square meters.

Before the renovation six years ago, the old, nondescript garage looked nothing like a cozy, functional home.

The garage was covered and well protected from the weather. The girl only added a wing with a bathroom; otherwise, it remained the same size.

To save money, Michelle did everything herself. She not only thought through the layout, but also made some of the furniture with her own hands. Masterly use of a welding machine helped out.

The house has only one window and large panoramic doors, which Michelle almost always keeps open. During the renovation, the girl slightly increased the height of the garage, so a small mezzanine appeared, which serves as a bedroom. To get to the top, Michelle installed an old ladder from a Pacific liner that she already had.

Michelle did not build any walls inside the house, but simply zoned the room a little. So, along one wall there is a kitchen, along the other there is a living area with a beautiful fireplace. Michelle made the daybed with her own hands, and it also serves as a guest bed . And as a bedspread – an old army blanket. As you can already see, Michelle loves old things and easily finds a use for them.

In the living room, the fireplace backdrop is made of old brick, which was left over after dismantling the old chimney.

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