For the first time in a long time, paparazzi caught Keira Knightley walking with her husband: rare footage.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star was known as one of the most secretive Hollywood celebrities. Keira Knightley almost never gives interviews, doesn’t run social media, and rarely gets caught by the paparazzi. Even less often, the actress talks about her personal life. Although her husband James Righton is a musician, there is very little information about him on the Internet. That’s why their latest photos together, published by the Daily Mail, caused a stir among fans.

Kira and James were caught in the elite London area of ​​Hampstead. The musician, the tabloid reports, met his wife after filming the thriller “Black Doves,” in which she serves as an executive producer. It is noteworthy that the star, noticing the paparazzi, smiled sweetly, but James, on the contrary, lowered his head. Fortunately, the public did not judge him for his shyness. The attention of the publication’s readers was attracted by the fact that the couple was holding hands. “It’s like they’ve just started a romance, even though they’ve been living together for 11 years,” one fan noted. “The spark between them has not faded, there is hope for love,” added another.

Let us remember that Kira and James got married in 2013 and have two daughters: 8-year-old Edie and 4-year-old Delilah.

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