How a country house that is almost 200 years old was transformed.

The 1860s cottage was almost completely rebuilt and filled with vintage items. Moreover, the reconstruction took only six months.

Rose Winter emigrated from the UK to Australia as a child. She always loved green hills and valleys, and then developed a passion for French country music.

Rose found an old house dating from the 1860s in the small village of Rydal. Where every year at the beginning of September the daffodil festival is held. 

Even in its dilapidated state, I immediately saw the potential. But she immediately brushed off the idea of ​​restoration like an annoying fly and returned home.

Rose soon came across the same cottage in a real estate directory. Despite her doubts, she decided to buy. Then the large and at times difficult reconstruction work began. An inspection of the building showed that the house still had a strong frame, but restoring the interior was not easy.

The only clue was the original shape of the house, which determined its character. The rest is pure imagination.

Rose and her children practically destroyed the house and rebuilt it. For example, the well-equipped kitchen now features a new corrugated iron tiled roof.

At times, the scale of the renovation overwhelmed the new owner of the house.

There was an old piece of log in the yard on which I often sat and cried.

But any difficulties can be overcome: today the house has been completely refurbished and renovated. French doors, new skylights and mirrors completely transformed the dark interior and added light.

Rosie’s love of France inspired her color choice when it came time to paint the walls.

After six months of hard work, Rosie moved into the house and started gardening. She transformed it from a paddock of weeds into a green fairyland. Today the garden is filled with roses and deciduous trees: silver birch, wild and spreading willow.

When I am in the garden with the finches and little finches and watch the roses open, I feel true happiness.

Rose Cottage is believed to be the oldest house in the village of Rydal. To preserve this memory, she left intact several of the boards that had been used to cover the house from the very beginning, and treated new ones in the same style.

There are very few places left like Rydal.

Rosie Winter is now living in her dream home. She raises chickens and grows herbs and vegetables. And on Sundays he plays the organ in a small local church.


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