Small and cozy house on wheels.

They say that girls need a lot of space to place all their things. For the owner of this house, 25 square meters was enough. Of course, there is a dressing room here too.

The owner of this cozy home, Dolly Rubiano, has long dreamed of living in a small house on wheels. In 2013, in New Zealand, she saw a truck that had been converted into a house. And I fell in love with the idea. 

To understand whether she would be comfortable living in such a small space, Dolly tried renting similar houses on Airbnb. So she realized that this was exactly what she needed. 

In a mini-format housing, a girl is most attracted to simplicity and mobility. “I love that I can take my home anywhere. I must have been a turtle in a previous life,” jokes Dolly.
The company Designer Eco Tiny Homes helped make the dream come true: they already had experience in building small houses on wheels. The production and assembly of the house took only three months.
Dolly was also happy to take part in the process. “My sister and I painted the walls and ceilings and installed shelves in the kitchen. I’m especially proud of the fact that I made a composting toilet myself – now there are all the amenities,” she says.

On 25 squares fit a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, small living room and a dressing room in the form of a built-in wardrobe. To store large and seasonal items, Dolly rents a separate room.

The girl says about her life: “In the house I keep only what is useful, functional and can make me happier. I feel comfortable, here I can hide from stress.”

Dolly even started an Instagram dedicated to her home. The girl not only publishes beautiful photographs, but also talks about the peculiarities of life in a small space. 

For example, how important it is to maintain order and take a responsible approach to every interior detail. Through her example, Dolly proves that life in a tiny house can be comfortable and cozy. 

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