How a fishing hut was transformed into a stylish country house.

The everyday decision to add a veranda was followed by redevelopment, a grandiose renovation and a radical transformation of the old lake house.

Randy and Lynn bought the 1940s house on Lake Wilson in North Alabama 18 years ago and never occupied it. The family needed somewhere to stay for the weekend so that the men (the couple has an adult son) could go fishing to their heart’s content.

The idea that it would be nice to renovate the old hut did not immediately arise for Randy and Lynn. It all started with a harmless idea to add a summer veranda to the house. But, after thinking a little, the couple decided not to limit themselves to just the veranda, but  to renovate the entire house . Designer Cherry Pitts was invited to help with the grand remodel. 

Cherry suggested “pivoting” the layout towards the lake. To do this, it was necessary to demolish the wall that blocked the view of the water area. Now in place of the wall there are spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows , and the lake can be seen from almost anywhere in the house. 

They also added a veranda to the house (the same one from which it all began), made the master bedroom wider and raised the ceilings. 

After the renovation, the house seriously increased in size. Now its area is about six hundred and fifty square meters, that is, almost twice as much as before.

Since the house now faces the water, the interior was designed as open as possible, with glazed interior doors and rooms that smoothly flow into one another.

It was also important to hide the storage systems so that nothing would interfere with enjoying the wonderful landscapes. We had to work hard on the kitchen: the designer disguised all the household appliances, so cleverly that you wouldn’t even notice the refrigerator right away.

Now staying in a country house has become much more comfortable, although trips to the lake were a family tradition even before the renovation. The fact is that the head of the family, Randy, is an incorrigible workaholic, and this house is a place where he can truly relax. Therefore, investments in  repairs  will certainly pay off in the future.

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