How to rebuild an old wooden house: a real example in Tarusa.

The architects added an extension to the old house – a living room, an open veranda, a porch and did not forget to update the facade – not a trace remained of the traditional building. The alteration lasted one summer season.

To bring the old house to perfection – this was the task set for Alexey Dunaev and Marianna Zapolskaya by the customer who bought a plot in Tarusa. “The seemingly solid residential building turned out to be insufficiently insulated and was unsuitable for use in winter,” says Alexey. “Of course, we offered to demolish it, but the owner had other plans for it.”

At the first stage, we carried out internal redevelopment: we enlarged the kitchen, added a second bathroom and made two comfortable-sized bedrooms out of three small ones. And then construction began: they designed a living room, a porch and added a bay window – a dining room was placed in it. A terrace was added to the south side and a doorway leading to the garden was made.

All attached premises are not structurally connected to the main volume – new foundations were laid at a distance from the old ones. There were some compromises: there was a gas pipe running under the eaves of the roof on the northern facade, which was difficult to move – as a result, the living room was made lower than the level of the main house. And in order to equip the terrace, we had to cut off part of the soil – such is the heterogeneous topography of the site. But thanks to the light wooden frame of the new parts, the construction work was completed in just one summer season. The old volume of the house was insulated and, together with the new extensions, covered with larch.

The interior design emphasizes the connection between tradition and modernity. “The living room is an open, multifunctional space with a stove and large windows,” says Marianna. “Together they create the atmosphere of a traditional Tarusa house.”

Before and After:

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