How to turn a garage into a residential building: a real example in London.

London architects have rebuilt an old garage on a difficult site into a cozy two-bedroom family home.

In west London, land is expensive, so the owners of the tiny plot on which the old garage stood wanted to make some use out of it, but did not know how to do it. On one side, a terraced garden adjoined the site; on the other, it was crowded by sixteen similar garages, stretched out in a line.

The owners of the site live opposite and bought it so that no one would build there. But when the architects of the London bureau De Rosee Sa offered them to turn the garage into a residential building, they could not resist. 

The height restrictions in force in this zone did not allow adding a second floor, but the architects found a way out – they placed the private part of the house in the basement. There are now two spacious bedrooms, into which light enters through the skylights.

The natural lighting of the small house is arranged in a rather clever way – two atriums let daylight into the interior spaces. There is enough light in all rooms, including a tiny office, fitted into a nook next to the dressing room.


All walls are painted white; the courtyard is bordered by a lattice fence made of red cedar, which is also used in the interior decoration. Wood makes the house warm in a southern way, vintage furniture makes it cozy and lived-in. The owners immediately fell in love with their new home and sold their old one to move into the former garage. It is more convenient to live in it. 

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