Only for two: mini-house with an area of ​​27 square meters.

Ideal for a couple: an extremely simple form, all the necessary amenities and an elegant interior. Plus the ability to move from place to place: this house can be transported by truck!

As if drawn with chalk on the wall: the structure from Spanish architects from the Abaton studio has the simplest form – this is how children depict houses. On an area of ​​27 square meters it houses a kitchen and living room, bathroom and bedroom. All rooms are decorated and furnished in a modern spirit with a slight touch of rural romance: you can live and travel in such a house alone – or better yet, together. 

Housing for new nomads

Mobile architecture
The ÁPH80 house can be placed anywhere a truck can pass. True, not simple, but very large. The photographs of the house on a high mountain plateau are amazing: it is not easy for transport with such a load to get into the mountains, into the desert, into the tropical forest.

But if there is a road for a heavy vehicle, then the house, due to its size, will “fit” into any terrain, among any vegetation. And it will fit perfectly into the environment due to the façade of cement panels and calm, clear forms. No wonder a whole team of designers worked on its ergonomics and proportions, calculating what and where else could be reduced and simplified so that the residents of the house would feel comfortable.

The house is assembled within one day; special equipment is needed for transportation and removal from transport.

Country chic

Interior between the salon and the dacha
You never know where fate will take travelers. House ÁPH80, like a decent gentleman on the road, is always ready to provide residents with urban comfort and designer gloss. Furniture filling from the Spanish brand Batavia and interior decoration with panels made of lightened spruce combine the elegance of lines and shades with the ease of natural textures.

Inside the house there is a living room and a kitchen (in the central part), in the end sections there is a bedroom with a small window and a bathroom. The height of the roof at the ridge is 3 and a half meters, the high vault adds air to the room, due to which the house does not seem narrow and cramped.


Continued project
The ventilated façade is made of cement slabs, with a 12-centimeter layer of insulation underneath. The slabs slide in the central part, revealing a glass door and panoramic windows. Almost all materials can be recycled. The wood for finishing is taken from renewable forests. 

The house was designed only by Spanish architects, planners, constructors and designers; all its details are made in Spain from local materials. Made at home only by pre-order, within 4-6 weeks. By the way, you don’t have to limit yourself to just the mobile version. The ÁPH80 house can easily be combined with other modules designed by Abaton to create a family home with an interesting layout. 

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