61-year-old Tom Cruise and 36-year-old Russian woman officially announced their relationship.

The fact that Tom Cruise left the ranks of Hollywood singles became known in December: the heart of the star of the Mission: Impossible franchise was stolen by 36-year-old Russian woman Elsina Khayrova. Since then, not a single photo or video has appeared on the Internet confirming their romance, only insiders revealed details – for example, that Tom rented an entire floor of an elite restaurant for a date. Although the only evidence of the actor’s connection with Elsina was a dubious quality photo from the paparazzi, in which you can barely see the girl’s face. Don’t get upset, Tom fans, the lovebirds seem to be really together and are going to make their romance public!

A Daily Mail insider revealed that the couple had already announced their relationship to friends: “It is well known in Elsina’s circle that she and Tom are now a couple. <…> They enjoy spending time together, and despite their wealth, they do many of the things that ordinary couples do.” However, you shouldn’t wait for joint photos just yet: the lovers are trying to maintain confidentiality.

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