Before and after: how cool they transformed a 6 m² kitchen in Khrushchev without a designer.

We have already talked about how our heroine Svetlana and her husband made stylish renovations in an old building on their own . Today we will take a closer look at a small but thoughtful kitchen.

The old  building had not been renovated since the beginning of construction, and the couple had a lot of work to do; everything was being replaced – from floors to doors. Svetlana’s husband did all the renovations and all the furniture (with the exception of the dining room) in the apartment himself, without any special experience.

Svetlana knew in advance that she wanted a white glossy kitchen in the Scandinavian style with facades up to the ceiling. The facades were cut into pieces. An extra piece of the kitchen countertop was turned into a bar table—Svetlana’s husband welded the base and chairs himself from the profile.

Large-format marbled porcelain tiles were used for the apron. Laminate flooring was laid on the floor as a single sheet throughout the entire apartment (except for the bathroom and hallway) to visually expand the space. On the walls there are plaster bricks and paintable wallpaper. The ceiling is plasterboard, which, by the way, was also made on our own.

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