How a cozy office with a seating area was decorated on a 3.5 m² balcony (before and after photos)

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Not every apartment has space for a full-fledged office. But our heroine Lilya solved this problem by moving the work area and relaxation space to the balcony. We talk about the renovation process and take note of the ideas you like.

Lily’s balcony was suitable for creating a work area: it has an optimal area of ​​3.5 m², a beautiful view from the window and excellent lighting. There was a lot of work to be done, but the most important and time-consuming stage was insulating the balcony.

Our heroine changed the double-glazed window from aluminum to warm plastic. This is the pain of most new buildings – cold frames and their crooked installation. Then we laid 50 mm polystyrene foam insulation around the entire perimeter, including the floor and ceiling, and poured a 50 mm screed on the floor.

To avoid further heat loss, we additionally foamed all the seams between the sheets of polystyrene foam and taped them with aluminum tape. After this, they came up with a lighting design – it, like in all rooms, has double light. They laid the wiring.

The next step is to lay all the wires for the heated floor, temperature sensor and power supply. Warm floors are one of the most basic and important points. During the process, we laid out the carbon cable for the heated floor and filled the screed with 10 mm self-leveling floor.

Then we glued the plasterboard onto the walls using foam adhesive, and then putty it in two layers of gypsum base and finishing putty.

This completed the main stage of insulation, and Lila had to work on creating a design project, choosing tiles and paint colors for the walls, installing suspended ceilings and her favorite thing – decor and furniture arrangement.

To increase the space, a light gray shade of paint was chosen, which our heroes tinted themselves. The search for tiles took a long time: I wanted to maintain the overall Scandinavian style of the apartment and at the same time make it as light as possible.

And then the most interesting part – design and decor. The table was replaced with a hanging tabletop, which is much more convenient and looks as laconic and stylish as possible. Shelves for books and decor were placed above the desk, and posters were given preference above the sofa. On one side of the loggia there was a work area, on the opposite side there was a relaxation area with a sofa and storage.


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