Kim Kardashian was spotted in public for the first time with her new boyfriend: rare photos

It’s not in vain, oh, it’s not in vain that information has appeared in the press that Kim Kardashian has been happily in a relationship with American football star Odell Beckham Jr. for six months, who, by the way, dated Khloe Kardashian several years ago. Recently, the newlywed couple, accompanied by security guards, was waylaid by paparazzi. Exclusive footage was published by the Daily Mail tabloid.

The businesswoman and NFL star were captured by photographers in one of the luxury hotels in Las Vegas. In the photo you can see that Kardashian is hiding her face under a black wide-brimmed hat.

This behavior is understandable. According to insiders, celebrities are hiding their romance because they fear mixed reactions from the public. The fact is that the athlete has a one-year-old son from another woman, and he has been dating Kardashian for six months. For this reason, the TV star seeks to avoid any rumors that she broke up the couple, and also does not want to provoke Kanye West.

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