New life for an old balcony: 7 simple tips.

A few meters of balcony space can be turned into a full-fledged recreation room, library or even a bedroom. To do this, you just need to know a few laws that we share with you.

We are all accustomed to the fact that the balcony is a place that eventually turns into a storage room. Unnecessary things, pieces of furniture, accessories or just sports equipment are stored here. However, the balcony does not deserve it! Today we will find out how easily and quickly it can be refined.

1. Gender

The first thing that makes a balcony cozy is the floor. It should be warm, pleasant to the touch and preferably in soft natural shades. Wood or laminate are great options, although heated tiles can also be used. Well, the finishing touch can be a small high-pile rug.

2. Walls

The entire furnishings of a balcony or loggia should be impeccable for comfort. For this reason, it is better to make walls from durable and warm materials. Wood, decorative panels or plaster are ideal.

3. Furniture

The main thing for balcony furniture is not so much beauty as comfort and spaciousness. At the same time, special attention should be paid to comfort and softness, which is so lacking in this area of ​​the apartment. It is best to choose furniture with streamlined shapes and pleasant textures. And don’t forget about the hammock – a great solution for a comfortable rest!

4. Lighting

You shouldn’t give up artificial light sources, but you shouldn’t get carried away with them either. The main thing is to keep it in moderation. The ideal option would be several small spotlights located in the relaxation area of ​​the loggia. They will be able to recreate the coziness for warm summer evenings.

5. Textiles

This is one of the most important secrets of comfort in a small space. On the balcony, we recommend making it deliberately warm and soft. It’s good if this includes not only the furniture upholstery, but also a pile of soft pillows and a blanket that warms you on cold evenings.

6. Plants

Perhaps the best decor for a balcony is living plants. Try growing aromatic herbs yourself – it’s a very exciting activity. Or create a vertical garden – it looks impressive and really enlivens the balcony area.

7. Shelves and racks

Since the main purpose of the balcony is to combine relaxation and storage, we advise making this area functional, but aesthetic. Bet on open wood or metal shelving. Let it become not only a storage place for things, but also an art platform for your ideas.

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