On a budget and on your own: a bedroom in an old building like from Pinterest (before and after photos)

Our heroine Svetlana and her husband made repairs on their own in a small Khrushchev-era building. It turned out to be budget-friendly, but very cozy. Today we will tell you more about a cozy bedroom.

The room is currently divided into zones: the parents’ bedroom and the children’s bedroom. In the future, Svetlana plans to divide the bedroom using a partition. In the adult part there is now a bed with bedside tables, and in the children’s part there is a work desk and a baby’s crib.

The doors and windows in the room were replaced first. The ceilings in the bedroom were not changed; we managed to put in order the ones that were there originally. There is laminate flooring, as in the entire apartment (except for the bathroom and hallway). The walls were painted and fiberglass, the area above the head of the bed was decorated with wooden slats, and the other wall was decorated with interior stickers.

In addition to the renovation itself, many pieces of furniture and decor for the bedroom are also made by hand: bedside tables, lamps, headboards and even interior paintings.

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