Kanye West explained for the first time why he publishes “naked” photos of Bianca Censori.

The outrageous rapper finally broke his silence regarding his wife’s “naked” appearances. Kanye West’s emotions were triggered by another wave of hate after he published a video with Bianca Censori in a provocative bodysuit. The video appeared on the musician’s page in as many as three copies – for the public this is another signal that Kanye is not quite himself. However, judging by the artist’s monologue, he is well aware of what he is doing and does not see anything criminal in his actions.

“ I want to tell you all that I deliberately laid out my wife three times. People in the comments are always asking, “Why are you posting your wife?” Because she makes me happy. You are all happy with my music because I am happy. Stop being negative, if you don’t like my page and my content, get out of here. Seriously, leave me – the king – alone 

Finally, Kanye threatened his ill-wishers that he would publish content with Bianca as much as he wanted, and advised the haters to focus on relationships with their significant other. After such revelations, the public will probably soften. The rapper’s statement sounds reasonable, and Bianca looks pretty happy in the latest videos with him. It seems that the theory that the musician holds his beloved with a tight rein is slowly crumbling.

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