Half-naked 57-year-old Vincent Cassel and his 27-year-old lover appeared at the Brazilian carnival: photo

All that needed to be seen this morning were fresh photographs from the Brazilian carnival, the guests of which were Vincent Cassel and his young girlfriend, who is also an exact copy of the actor’s ex-wife Tina Kunaki. 57-year-old Vincent and 27-year-old Nara Baptista appeared at the festival in identical paired outfits consisting of silver accessories and… nothing else.

However, these guys have nothing to hide: at his age, Cassel can safely show off his enviable physique without hiding behind a shirt. Well, fans noticed Baptista’s luxurious figure a long time ago, even in joint photographs of the couple from Paris Fashion Week in January. And yet, the lovers did not completely undress (Vincent left his trousers, and Nara – his underwear) and thereby saved the nerves of their fans.

The Daily Mail reports that the couple behaved very friendly. Vincent and Nara constantly giggled, hugged and were in high spirits. Readers of the portal, quite indignant at this behavior (what did they expect from the carnival?), nevertheless agreed that the French cinema star looked truly happy. And we completely agree with them!

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