The wife of seriously ill Bruce Willis published a romantic photo of him on Valentine’s Day

Die Hard’s incurable disease radically changed not only his life, but also the life of the entire Willis family. Emma Heming said that frontotemporal dementia is a diagnosis that morally affects both the patient himself, who is gradually losing cognitive abilities, and his loved ones. The model, her two daughters, and the actor’s heirs from Demi Moore have to watch Bruce fade away. However, Emma found solace in educational activities, and also plays the role of an intermediary between the actor and his fans.

The star’s wife frankly and instantly answers questions from the audience, and also periodically makes it clear that Bruce is not worsening. On Valentine’s Day, for example, Emma posted a touching photo of her and the actor hugging in front of Niagara Falls. “Love is a beautiful thing,” the short caption reads. Fans already thought that the photo was taken the day before, but the star clarified in the comments that the photo was archival, dated 2010.

Subscribers had no questions about Bruce’s condition, since they know that Emma would have reported the changes. Now fans of the actor and anyone who has somehow encountered the same illness are waiting for news about Emma’s upcoming book, which she wrote thanks to her “newfound role as a care partner.”

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