Angelina Jolie’s first husband revealed shocking details of their affair: “A Fearless Woman”.

The romance between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was so explosive that even fans forgot: the star had been married before. In 1996, she married colleague Jonny Lee Miller. And although their marriage lasted only a year and a half, for the man it was one of the most vivid memories.

In a recent interview, Johnny recalled how he tried to woo Angelina: he could barely cope with her tough temper. One day the actress told her boyfriend: “Let’s do something interesting this weekend. Why don’t we go to Hemet, which is near Los Angeles, and jump out of a plane?” Johnny didn’t like extreme entertainment, but he liked Angelina, so he agreed. The actor does not regret the past, because it was a “crazy experience” gained thanks to his beloved. “She was cool as a cucumber. Fearless woman. So we made a tandem jump. I won’t lie, it scared me,” The Mirror quotes the star.

By the way, Angelina didn’t stop there and invited the guy to jump one by one. The weather played in Johnny’s favor: they went through several training sessions, but in the end the flight did not take place. Note that Angelina’s relationship with Brad Pitt was just as rock-and-roll. It is clear why the separation was not without scandals. According to the latest data, the stars were close to resolving the conflict over the division of the winery, but the actor backed down.

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