How coolly they renovated a 42 m² one-room apartment with renovations from the 2000s (before and after photos)

Ekaterina took a course on daily real estate rental and decided to try turning her apartment into profitable housing. For these purposes, a major overhaul was needed. Our heroine shared her experience with us and talked about how she managed to turn a tired apartment into stylish modern housing that has everything you need.

The starting point for the idea of ​​the new premises was to imagine oneself in the place of a guest. How convenient it would be for me. I didn’t want some basic renovation that would look like a hundred similar ones, so I used my favorite technique: wallpaper + paint. English wallpapers are always very cute. They have tradition and uniqueness. They inspired me to do everything else.

About the kitchen

The kitchen is only 9 m², but we managed to make it spacious and roomy.

The wallpaper set a special atmosphere, as did the vintage lamps above the table. I was also not afraid to use bright household appliances, which became a highlight. She also emulated vintage style.

I ordered the kitchen itself from Leroy Merlin; for short-term rental, only the upper shelves were enough, and I could do without cabinets.

One of the features is different dishes. When I see only white, I get a little bored, it looks official. And here it’s like home. All the dishes seem to gradually come into your everyday life.

About the bedroom

Bedroom 18 m²: despite the absence of partitions, the room is divided into several zones: sleeping area, living room, workplace, TV area with a spacious chest of drawers and even a small library.

A bed with an orthopedic base – 160 by 200 cm. The bed linen is colored, but can be easily combined with each other. You can use different prints and textures. The blue sofa folds out and can be used as an extra bed.

About the bathroom

The bathroom has heated floors, a boiler and an electric heated towel rail. I didn’t decorate everything with tiles, only part of the wall. And the rest of the surface was painted with durable English paint.

The highlight was the poster, which covered the hatch leading to communications and allowed the blue and white color scheme to be diluted. Through such details, you can cleverly introduce new shades in accessories. In the future, I plan to order doors that hide the washing machine and boiler. And they will definitely be red!

About the dressing room

The dressing room is 3 m², it has remained virtually unchanged since the last renovation. The walls were repainted and the lighting was replaced. Thanks to the spaciousness of the dressing room, it was possible to do without storage systems in the hallway.

About the hallway

In the hallway, cabinets were abandoned in favor of lightness. A large mirror on the front door adds airiness to the space.
At the entrance you will be greeted by beautiful posters and comfortable poufs. And also a console on which there is a vase with fresh flowers.

In the entire apartment, except for the bathroom and the entrance area in the hallway, class 33 laminate flooring is laid in a single contour. The threshold was lined with ceramic tiles, limiting the dirty area.

In the apartment I have provided everything necessary to make the guest comfortable. I really want the guests here to be able to truly relax and sleep, gain strength and energy for new achievements! And the color contributes perfectly to this.

Photo before renovation

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