How in two months they transformed a three-room apartment that had not been renovated since 1973 (before and after photos).

Yulia Antonova is a novice decorator; her first project was her own apartment, which she bought with her husband. Julia completely thought out the design of the apartment and furnished it to her liking – it turned out simply magical! At the end of the article there is a detailed estimate.

About the apartment

Initially, my husband and I were considering real estate on the outskirts of Moscow, but by chance we saw an option on Aviamotornaya in the Dangauerovka microdistrict (the area is one of Moscow’s architectural monuments in the constructivist style). The apartment has not been renovated since the house was built (1973), but we were impressed by the view of the roofs of the houses of the 30s, and there were no doubts left.

The apartment windows face three sides. When we looked at the layout, we liked that the living room is a walk-through and leads to the back room, which they immediately decided to allocate as a bedroom because of the silence and privacy. In the bedroom there is a small loggia where flowers “live” all year round.

About repairs in two months

The main repair work was carried out by builders for two months. The floor was made of bulk. It is more expensive than a screed, but it saved a lot of time. Belgian linoleum, which imitates wood, was laid on the floor. This is no longer the same linoleum that we used to slide downhill on as children. It is thick, warm, soft, and it is pleasant to walk on it barefoot, there is no fear of spilling water or dropping a heavy object, and it is also more environmentally friendly than laminate. They did not level the walls to perfection; the imperfections were hidden by wallpaper with ornaments.

About windows

The budget did not allow us to restore the old wooden windows, so we replaced them with plastic ones. Later I painted them with titanium paint in the color “Lin” by Daria Geiler, and the surface became matte. This heavy-duty titanium marble-based paint is designed to be repainted without priming, without sanding, and requires no finish, no varnish or wax after painting. Metal-coated handles were installed instead of plastic ones. This fixed the situation.

About organizing space

Storage in the form of a rack and cabinet is organized on the second loggia in the office. We also use it for drying clothes. My husband works from home and needs a separate room. There is a folding sofa in the office for when relatives come to visit us. The bathroom and kitchen are nearby, which allows guests to move around the apartment without disturbing us. My workspace is in the living room. There is also a relaxation area and meeting guests. Opposite the window are small mirrors in Moroccan style. They reflect the light from the window, and the space above the desk seems brighter.

About furniture and decor

Initially they wanted to put the sofa with its back to the window, but they realized that it was from this window that the best view of the area and sunsets opened, and they changed their minds. I didn’t want a TV in the living room, but I couldn’t convince my husband. We use it for the background, listen to music, if we want to watch a movie, we lower the Roman shade and the light is not reflected in the screen. The furniture in the apartment is from the mass market, much of it from IKEA.

The exception is the buffet in the living room: my great-grandfather made it, and my mother remembers honey and candles being kept there when she was little. We took the buffet from the village and restored it. Now it stands in our home and reminds us that our family is nearby.

About special decor

I bought some of the decor at flea markets, took some items from relatives, they haven’t used them for a long time, but I like things that can tell a story. Not all the furniture came in the right shade: for example, the table in the office and the coffee table in the living room had to be sanded and oiled. But I like that in the end we got a lot of different shades and textures, it makes the interior more interesting, and over time it doesn’t get boring.

It was the most pleasant thing to deal with the decor and design of the walls, selecting baguette frames. Almost all the paintings were drawn by familiar artists, with the exception of a few drawings purchased at a flea market.

In the hallway there are clippings from the Niva magazine (1905 issue): we also bought them at a flea market and used frames to fit them into the interior. In the office above the sofa there are photographs of the family where we were as children, parents and grandparents – these photographs keep warm memories of them. There is one small painting with which I have special memories (“Night” by Rakitsky). Art bought with pocket money at age 13. After the repair, I took it from my parents and put it in a new frame.

Instead of a mirror in the hallway, there is a graphic on the wall to create a pleasant impression upon entering the apartment and introduce those who come to the soul of the house.

The console and built-in cabinet were custom-made to size at Stylish Kitchens. IKEA basket for storing umbrellas and hats. To let natural light into the hallway, the doors in the living room were removed – now at the entrance to the apartment there is a view of a large window.

About the bathroom

The previous separate bathroom was dismantled, the walls were rebuilt from aerated concrete blocks, which made it possible to make a cabinet and a laundry basket under the sink (ordered by size at the Crafts Fair) and place a 45 cm washing machine opposite.

Photo before renovation

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