Kim Kardashian makes demands on Kanye West regarding Bianca Censori.

The ex-wife of the outrageous rapper approved of her husband’s new relationship; she has already seen Bianca Censori and is not against communication between her children and their stepmother. True, the mother of many children could not close her eyes to the model’s unusual outfits. Kim asked her ex-husband to tell her to “cover up” when the children are around, an insider told the Daily Mail.

Celebrity, as sources say, is not a fan of Kanye’s passion style and is not thrilled that she is flaunting “naked” in front of North, Saint, Chigako and Psalm. Moreover, Kim is surprised that the rapper allows his wife to go out in this form in principle. The star doesn’t seem to read the tabloids at all: several insiders said that Bianca’s racy outfits were Kanye’s way of promoting his new album. And the most popular fan theory says that the musician undresses his wife in order to reach Kim, who, unlike Bianca, was not modest even before her popularity.

At the same time, both girls believe that they copy each other. A person close to Kim told reporters that she perfectly sees how Bianca is photographed in similar clothes and uses the same trends. This, however, benefits both of them: their names now make headlines every day.

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