We did the renovation of a 53 m² old building ourselves: ideas on how to save + before and after photos

Ekaterina and her husband made a cool renovation of an old building without a designer. The apartment built in 1934 in Novosibirsk was given to our heroes in a deplorable condition, but the guys transformed it beyond recognition, while having a limited budget.

In December 2018, we received the keys to our first apartment with my husband. We didn’t choose the apartment for long and immediately after the first viewing we realized that this was it. High ceilings, six windows for 53 square meters and even a window in the bathroom did not leave anyone indifferent.

About the interior without a designer

Even before the deal was finalized, we began to think about the design of the apartment. One site helped, where we were able to create a project ourselves without a designer. It happened as we planned. As a result, we ended up with a unique, but, as our guests say, atmospheric apartment.

We took ideas from the well-known Pinterest and interior blogs on Instagram (they inspired us to start our own blog dedicated to renovations), and were inspired by the Scandinavian and mid-century style.

How you managed to save money

We didn’t have a lot of money for repairs, we tried to save money somewhere, come up with something somewhere, cheat, so to speak. So, Avito helped us out several times. The Soviet TV stand, the kitchen table – they, of course, have undergone changes, but they definitely make us happy.

Having moved into the apartment, the budget was no longer enough for the bathroom, and then thoughts crept into my head, why not repaint the tiles. Actually, that’s what we did, and after a year and a half everything was fine with the paint. We painted it with special paint for tiles from Leroy. We also bought self-adhesive PVC tiles there and glued them to the floor on top of the old ones. The ceiling and walls above the tiles were painted. The bathtub itself was not replaced; they decided to call in workers for restoration. We bought the wardrobe and cabinet at IKEA and repainted it ourselves. The mixer was ordered from Aliexpress. Thus, the room was transformed as much as possible for a small budget.

About the desire to change everything

After a while I wanted change. The hallway was painted twice: first gray, then we realized that we wanted more color, and repainted it rich blue. In the bedroom, on the contrary, we first painted the walls a fashionable green color, then we realized that we wanted something calmer, and painted it blue-gray.

Also, two years later, we painted the wall in the kitchen with slate paint, on which you can now write and draw. The main thing is not to be afraid to change something.

Important Tips:

  • If you want change, you need to repaint the walls, re-glue the wallpaper, and not live with what doesn’t make you happy.
  • Don’t be afraid of color and bright accents.
  • Add your own meaning to the details of the interior and decor, thereby creating your own unique home. 

Photo before renovation

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