Ben Affleck met ex-wife on Valentine’s Day – Jennifer Lopez fans are furious.

Ben Affleck’s close relationship with his ex-wife has long irritated fans of Jennifer Lopez, but he was so often caught by the paparazzi with Jennifer Garner that defenders of his current wife gave up. And yet, one mistake cost the actor all the respect that Lopez’s fans had left for him: on Valentine’s Day, he met with his ex for several hours, writes the Daily Mail.

Don’t panic! They just came to school to pick up their 11-year-old son Samuel – the exes meet there regularly. The actor, as usual, was tense while talking to someone on the phone – and of course, the Internet had already decided that it was his wife on the other end of the line. In Ben’s defense, he and Garner entered the building separately and met inside, but that’s not an argument for angry fans. “Even on a day like this, he met his ex. What should I take from him? wrote one tabloid reader. “Jennifer Lopez already packed his things,” joked another.

The situation was also awkward because details about the singer’s documentary began to leak onto the Internet – one of the episodes in terms of tension can only compete with that ill-fated day 18 years ago when Ben and Jen called off their wedding and broke up . It turned out that to work on the new album, Lopez gave her co-authors love letters from Ben to read.

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