Brad Pitt and his girlfriend Ines de Ramon are now living together.

For more than a year now, Brad Pitt has been happy in a new relationship with his chosen one, who is 27 years younger than him. Fans learned about the 60-year-old actor’s affair with 34-year-old Ines de Ramon from an insider and for a long time did not want to believe what had happened – Brad’s divorce from Angelina Jolie had broken their hearts too much. But no matter what conspiracy theories the fans build, Pitt’s love is real (it’s not for nothing that he recently decided to go out with a girl for the first time in a long time). Moreover, the romance is developing, albeit not quickly, but very confidently, and a fresh rumor about a new stage in their relationship proves this.

Inez and Brad are now living together in his luxurious home, People has learned. The girl already indicates her lover’s address as her own and seems to be enjoying their time together in what is now almost a family nest. “This happened recently. Things are going very well and she is happier than ever,” a source revealed to the publication.

However, Ines is not the only one happy. Pitt himself, despite the fact that post-divorce proceedings with ex-wife Angelina Jolie are in full swing, is also incredibly happy about what happened. Now Mr. Smith is going through difficult times (however, Angie is not far from thinking about moving to Cambodia either), especially given the fact that the children he shares with Jolie have turned their backs on him. And, apparently, the new stage of the relationship with Ines helps to feel better.

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