Cozy Scandi kitchen 7 m² in a standard panel (photos before and after)

Very beautiful interior with almost no help from a designer.

Today we will take a closer look at the stylish kitchen of our heroine.

About inspiration

When creating our interior, I, like many, was inspired by pictures on Pinterest and based on my husband and I’s preferences and our vision of what our home should be like. I wanted the interior to convey a mood of calm and lightness, so that it wouldn’t bore us after a while and would give us a feeling of happiness and comfort.

We did the renovation ourselves, but turned to a designer for a planning solution. The main feature of our interior is a combination of expensive and more budget materials, furniture from IKEA and custom-made furniture. We tried to achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

About redevelopment

We immediately realized that we couldn’t do without redevelopment, because the apartment had a small kitchen, a dark corridor, a tiny bathroom, and the door to one of the rooms was located in a straight line with the window and the front door. All this categorically did not suit us and required changes. It’s good that there were no load-bearing walls inside the apartment, so we started planning.

Since the apartment has a gas stove, there was never any talk about combining the kitchen with the adjacent room: it is impossible to legalize such a redevelopment. And we needed this room for a growing child. At that time I was still very far from the technical side of design, so to take into account all the nuances and competent planning, we invited a designer to do this type of work. It was she who offered us the option with a beveled angle at 45°, which allowed us to let some of the light from the kitchen window into the corridor.

About storage systems

Built-in appliances and cabinets along the entire height of the kitchen allowed us to significantly save space and fit everything we needed even in a small area. For convenience, there are only drawers at the bottom of the kitchen: so that nothing gets lost in the depths of the cabinets.

We made the kitchen set to order; due to the size of our kitchen, modular systems from the same IKEA were not suitable for us. And so, with proper planning, we managed to place everything we needed: a refrigerator, a dishwasher, an oven, a hob, an extractor hood, a microwave oven, a spacious sink, storage space – and this is in less than 7 square meters. m.

About finishing

Light colors were chosen for decoration. Gray tiles with a pattern on the kitchen backsplash were used as an accent. We took into account that the chosen color palette was comfortable and pleasant for us, because we spend most of our time at home.

We gave preference to environmentally friendly German paint. Since paint is easy to update, we didn’t consider other finishing options. An engineered board in a neutral shade was laid on the floor. As you know, children love to play on the floor, and we wanted the floors to be warm and safe.

Photo of the apartment before renovation

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