What Bradley Cooper’s mansion looks like, which he bought next door to Gigi Hadid: first photos of the site and interior.

The nominee for the upcoming Oscar seems to be in the mood for a serious romantic relationship. Insiders said that Bradley Cooper was already thinking about having a child, and his lover introduced him to her family. Another important step that the actor took on the path to a happy life with Gigi, both in sorrow and in joy, was the purchase of a house in Pennsylvania, near the city of New Hope, the model’s homeland. There is also Hadid’s mother’s farm, where the star family whiled away their days during the pandemic.

The deal, writes the Daily Mail, took place back in December; Bradley paid six and a half million dollars for the estate, about 60 million in rubles at the current exchange rate. On a plot of 13 hectares there is a stone barn, a swimming pool, a garden, a pond and, in fact, the house itself, which seems tiny only in the photo. There’s a living room and gym, six bathrooms and seven bedrooms – perfect for the big family Bradley dreams of.

The mansion, by the way, was built at the beginning of the 18th century, and the residents tried to preserve its historical charm. From the photo you can see that the floors are made of French oak, and there are still wooden beams on the ceilings. And since ancient times, a lake with an area of ​​80 thousand square meters has remained on the site – there, on the pier, the publication writes, you can happily while away family evenings.

For what purpose Bradley bought the house, even insiders who love to gossip have not yet revealed. It is possible that the couple will live there, and not just come for the weekend, because it is only 100 kilometers from New York, where both spend most of their time. In New York, by the way, the paparazzi recently caught Bradley and Gigi walking hand in hand – the couple is no longer hiding.

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