Brilliant refurbishment of a “killed” two-room apartment of 47 m² in the old building: before and after photos.

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Agnetta @agnimau bought a two-room apartment with a “grandmother’s” renovation and transformed it beyond recognition. Without the help of a designer, our heroine designed a stylish interior with golden accents, where everything was thought out to the smallest detail. Agnetta remodeled the space to include both a bathtub and a shower, added a walk-in closet, and kept the space feeling airy. Get inspired and repeat interesting solutions.

About renovation and planning

I really love the Ramenki area: I used to live here in a neighboring house in a one-room apartment, but it was too small. I wanted to find a two-room apartment here, I settled on this one because the price suited me.

The house was built in 1961, series SM-3: they were built after the Stalinist era, but using Stalinist technology. The advantage is high ceilings, good noise and heat insulation, convenient layout.

There was absolute horror here: the neglected “grandmother’s” version. The oil paint was peeling off, the ceiling was stained with grease, and the ventilation shaft was covered in greasy “moss.” When I moved in, I made cosmetic repairs so that I could at least somehow stay at home.

I also made a redevelopment: now the apartment has an entrance hall, a combined bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and a dressing room.

About the kitchen

There are porcelain tiles on the floor and on the apron. Initially I wanted to make a mosaic apron, but due to a limited budget I chose the solid option. I don’t regret the decision: it’s very easy to wash, something every housewife will appreciate.

But I’m not very happy with the countertop: perhaps if it were made of artificial stone, it would be easier. Traces of tea remain on a cheap surface; you have to wash it with bleach to keep it white.

The color of the facade is a shade of cappuccino: I specially selected the hob and oven in the same shade so that everything would look airy. The gas pipe was hidden in a box – this is not very noticeable.

A practical solution is to place the cutlery compartment near the dishwasher, and above it – shelves for dishes. It is very easy to move clean cutlery.

I opted for a freestanding refrigerator because it has more space.

There is a dining area for three people: there are three chairs and a round table with a diameter of 90 cm. A beautiful accent chandelier hangs above the table. Spotlights are responsible for the main lighting.

Because of the gas, the kitchen definitely needs a door partition – we installed a beautiful French-style door.

About the living room

Previously, there was an isolated room here: I decided to make it a walk-through room, since I live alone. The result was a room with four openings – to the kitchen, hallway, bedroom and balcony.

The walls and floor were completely dismantled: they made sure that the new ones were straight and thin. To level the old crooked walls, a lot of building material would be required; the thickness of the wall was about 20 cm, and it was important for me to preserve the maximum amount of area. I used a tongue-and-groove block – it is thin and durable.

In the balcony area, I dismantled the window sill block: it turned out to be a wonderful summer story in the French style. I didn’t glaze it – I created a pleasant resting place. There is porcelain stoneware on the floor and a wrought-iron balcony.

The walls in the living room are ready to be painted; I added moldings to add some chic. Since the ceilings are approximately 2.70 m, the opening is of a non-standard size – 2.20 m. This allows you to extend the height, there is no feeling of a low ceiling.

There is not much furniture here; the living room is decorated with a custom-made MDF fireplace and decor. Opposite the fireplace there is a comfortable fold-out sofa. The mirror above it doesn’t fit into the interior; it calls for a lighter design, but I bought it before the renovation and fell in love.

There is also a mobile coffee table in the living room: it is convenient to place it close to the sofa and enjoy popcorn.

About the bedroom

In the bedroom, the walls are ready to be painted, and the floor is covered with laminate. There is everything you need for the sleeping area: a bed with a lifting mechanism (there is additional storage space), a TV is provided (we haven’t gotten around to it yet).

The bedside tables and dressing table were made to order. There are symmetrical mirrors on one of the walls—I used this technique to expand the space and give it more air.

Previously, there was a single room here, the entrance was from the mirror, the area was about 18 m². I allocated a part of the room for a dressing room, approximately 5 m².

About the dressing room

I placed a wardrobe system here – very convenient and functional. Three compartments for clothes with hangers, plenty of storage space for bed linen and other clothes. There is a chest of drawers for shoes, shelves for books, perfumes and, of course, a mirror.

I thought about an outlet if you suddenly want to install additional light or connect something. I didn’t provide ventilation, but I almost always keep the doors open.

About the hallway

I used white walls here to expand the space. But there is a nuance: if you have pets (especially dogs), I do not recommend using white: errors will be visible, you will have to update it over time.

There is porcelain tile on the floor, as this is a “dirty” area. Warm floor installed. There is a wardrobe niche – a small closet where you can hang outerwear, store shoes, or store a vacuum cleaner.

The niche has secrets: in fact, these are doors from a closet, and from another wardrobe system. There were difficulties with installation, we had to extend the die. Inside there is automatic lighting.

The console is an accent part of the hallway, it looks luxurious, it was made to order. I assembled the mirror myself from small pieces. There is a shield hidden behind the painting.

About the bathroom

The bathroom turned out to be about 6 m² due to the agreed redevelopment. We added a toilet, bathroom and corridor area. On the walls there are wide-format glossy porcelain tiles (120×60 cm), on the floor there are wide-format matte porcelain tiles (60×60 cm). 

The bathtub was framed with a plasterboard structure and provided with a niche for storage. The superstructure is specially designed. 

There is a washing machine in a niche nearby, and above it there is a utility area. If desired, it was possible to place a dryer, but I did not see the advantages of this solution, but in vain.

The shower cabin is pentagonal, size 90×90 cm. It turned out to be quite high: the drain was initially high, so we had to raise it for it to work properly. There is a nuance: all the accessories are gold, but gold has a peculiarity – it all comes in different shades. This is important to consider: it takes a lot of time to get everything in tone.

The sink measures 90 cm wide, the shelf was made to order. I had my doubts about the shape of the mirror for a long time: now I would make it round. 

Why did I install both a bathtub and a shower? The shower is about practicality and speed, and the bath is about relaxation.

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