How a tired 52 m² resale was turned into stylish housing: before and after photos.

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Anastasia gave new life to a two-room apartment with a “grandmother’s” renovation: our heroine was not afraid of the difficulties associated with alterations of secondary housing. They took over the dismantling, came up with the design themselves and spent 3 million rubles: as a result, many useful life hacks appeared that you can repeat.

What condition was the apartment in and where did the renovation begin?

We bought an apartment with a “grandmother’s” renovation, so we started by removing old things and furniture: we gave some away and sold it on Avito, and janitors helped us take out some garbage. They also took the old cast iron bathtub, so we didn’t have to figure out how to remove it ourselves.

The bathroom was made on the basis of a plumbing cabin (roughly speaking, a “box room” inside the apartment): the walls were hollow and old, the plumbing was complicated (including for the heated towel rail).

Therefore, we decided to completely dismantle all the walls of the bathroom and toilet and rebuild them. We left the bottom/floor of the sanitary cabin due to the complexity of dismantling.

Already at the beginning of the renovation, we decided that we would install heated floors not only in the bathroom, in order to always feel comfortable at home.

We did the dismantling almost entirely on our own, and also saved money thanks to the help of the wipers. We installed the quartz vinyl ourselves.

If we were looking for contractors, we used recruitment sites. Finishing materials were purchased through suppliers on Avito, equipment was searched for through promotions on the Internet.

About the kitchen

There is a ventilation duct in the kitchen: it immediately created restrictions. For convenience, we thought of placing a vertical column with an oven at eye level, but such a massive structure did not fit into a 9 m² kitchen.

Also, at first we wanted a light marble splashback for the kitchen (and all the furniture in the apartment as a whole was light), but when we went to choose tiles for the splashback, we fell in love with the combination of white-wood-black (dark gray). At this point, they decided to add black accents to the design – switches, sockets, handles, lamps.

My husband and I are junk dealers, so we needed hidden storage spaces – the option with mezzanines was suitable for this. I also read a million reviews about white facades: many said that this is the most practical color. And so it turned out! The kitchen is always clean and like new.

We bought a microwave oven with a rounded back wall in the corner of the kitchen countertop, because of this it fits perfectly.

And one more tip: a waste shredder is an ideal invention.

About the living room-children’s room

In the future, the room will be a large children’s room. But since this is a living room for now, I didn’t want to make it isolated.

We decided to install double sliding doors – now they are always open and create a feeling of large space. When the room turns into a nursery, we plan to close the doors.

In the future, if there are two children, we want to make them sleeping places with a partition. To do this, a coiled wire was left above the suspended ceiling for future wiring of electricity into the partition.

About the bedroom

Storage was arranged by erecting a partition – this made it possible to create a small dressing room with open shelves.

They decided to attach the balcony to the bedroom and use it as a balcony. We killed two birds with one stone: we made an insulated place to work and added space to the room, which was reduced due to the construction of a dressing room wall.

About the hallway and corridor

Near the bathroom there is a cabinet in which the shield is hidden.

Furniture is also a huge storage area: household goods and canned goods are located here.

About the bathroom and toilet

We immediately fell in love with the option with niche shelves in the wall, so we warned the builders that they needed to be able to cut the tiles at 45 degrees. To decorate one of the walls we used blue accent tiles, and there is also a backlit mirror on it – together it looks beautiful.

The tile niches look very harmonious: I placed blue dispensers on them to match the accent tiles. In the future, we plan to make something like a countertop above the washing machine.

The sink was ordered with a wing so that it would be convenient to place a hair dryer or hair iron on it. We ordered the sink cabinet separately and were disappointed with the quality – the model is flimsy and unreliable.
In the toilet, above the installation, we thought of a shelf with lighting for decoration – the solution is simple and stylish.
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