We dramatically transformed a tiny hallway of 2.4 m² with grandma’s renovation on our own (before and after photos)

In the micro-area every centimeter is thought out.

We have already talked about Natalia , who, together with her husband, decorated the apartment in light colors with bright accents. We came up with the entire design ourselves, and made some items ourselves. We picked up a lot of furniture from IKEA and repainted it ourselves. The couple transformed their small hallway beyond recognition. 

We have already talked about Natalia’s wonderful kitchen and tiny but stylish bathroom . Today we will share with you the details of creating a cozy interior in a small hallway.

Small but stylish hallway

Our hallway turned out to be tiny – 2.4 m², because the entire usable area was left for the living room. Since there was nowhere to fit a full-fledged mirror, we decided to buy an entrance door with a mirror – thanks to the genius who came up with such a thing.

The entrance to the bathroom was also made from the hallway so that it was not from the living room. Well, we added shelves for keys and small things.

Cabinet with louvered doors

My husband made a cool cabinet in the hallway with his own hands. It fit all our outerwear, casual shoes, an electrical panel, a Wi-Fi router, and there was still room on the mezzanine.

Bright stool

After the renovation we were left with a wooden stool in terrible shape. I painted it white and added blue stripes using masking tape – now it’s quite nice to use. In addition, it turned out to be a cool bright accent in the hallway.

Photo before renovation

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