7 days and a little money for repairs. What happened?

Rich colors, vintage furniture, wooden shutters.


The apartment for rent through Airbnb had to be remodeled as quickly as possible (3–7 days) and with a minimum budget. Therefore, the designer limited herself to cosmetic repairs and selection of interesting decor. At the same time, the existing furnishings of the apartment were taken as the basis for the interior – vintage and antique furniture.


Designer  was given an unusual project – an apartment in a building that was moved and raised to a new foundation in 1937 because it interfered with the construction of the Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge. Agnia Barto even dedicated the poem “The House Moved” to this event. Therefore, it was especially important to preserve the spirit of history.

The repairs had to be done as soon as possible – the designer limited herself to cosmetic work. The existing layout was considered convenient and was retained. But it was necessary to change the shape of the openings so that interior doors could be installed that were not there before.

Polina chose her own color and style for each room. For example, the main bedroom became lime green and was decorated in the spirit of Provence.

The guest room was painted in the color of 2018 according to Pantone – ultraviolet , and wooden shutters were hung on the windows.

The living room began to resemble a Japanese garden, and the kitchen resembled classic English interiors with complex, rich shades.

Before the renovation, the apartment looked like a warehouse for vintage and antique furniture and decor. The guest bedroom even served as a dressing room with theatrical props and costumes.

“This entire warehouse was dismantled and sorted,” says Polina Anikeeva. “With great love and respect for the history of the house, the apartment and every thing in it, the new concept was built on emphasizing each item, letting it tell about itself.”

In the living room we only needed to replace the sofa upholstery . In the master bedroom, the Victorian wrought-iron sofa bed has been converted from a single to a double. An Italian vintage banquette sits next to an IKEA wardrobe.

In the guest bedroom,  a bed  from the famous Swedish brand was chosen to complement a 19th-century French chest of drawers and Atelier Duo Carlsbad handmade porcelain plates.

In the kitchen, next to the pearl-white display case,  an IKEA stainless steel set appeared. “Metal plays a key role in shaping the aesthetics of the room, and also gives durability to the elements of the kitchen furniture,” notes the designer. At the same time, the new furniture strictly met the requirements of functionality – the author of the project did not make a single unnecessary purchase.

Photo of the apartment before renovation

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