House of the week: classic cottage in the village.

In a standard house, architects created a real country residence. They complemented the usual classics with floral patterns, rich shades and country style techniques.

The two-story house, built according to a standard design, was not received by the new owners in the best condition. They turned to architects Anna Yarovikova and Yulia Myasnikova for help. We had to replace the roof, install skylights, re-wire the electrical system, and update the staircase, but the result was worth it. Anna and Yulia talk about how they managed to create a bright classic interior with country elements and overcome all the technical difficulties.

Customer and wishes 

We developed this project for the parents of a young couple and created a space where three generations of this family would be comfortable. The main criterion when choosing a house was the location – in close proximity to their main home. Future residents dreamed of an interior in a classic style with floral patterns and bright accents.


There was no redevelopment as such, only the purpose of the premises changed. We divided the first floor into 2 parts: a small living room, where there is a kitchen, a dining table and a small seating area, and a large living room, where you can comfortably accommodate the whole family. And on the second floor they organized a bedroom, a children’s room and a main bathroom. In the basement there is table tennis and a spa area.


Initially, it was planned to limit ourselves to cosmetic repairs and painting the walls, but that was not the case. We had to level all the main walls, install all the partitions again and install electrical wiring.

The walls were prepared for painting; a rich red was chosen for the small living room. Practical porcelain tiles were laid on the floor. The large living room was decorated more nobly. The walls were painted pastel green and the floors were laid in engineered oak.

On the second floor, we wanted to smooth out the attic effect, so in the bedroom we painted the walls and roof with the same paint, and highlighted the wall behind the headboard with floral wallpaper from the William Morris collection. In the bathroom, tiles with a border below the roof level were laid on the walls. In the children’s room they wanted to play with the nautical style and decorated the entire ceiling with light euro-lining. In addition, the new roof now has skylights for additional insolation.


The dressing room is located in the basement so as not to take up much space in the rooms. At the entrance there was a wardrobe for outerwear, and in the children’s room there was a whole storage system in the same style for clothes and toys.


Lighting is designed for several scenarios: central – in the form of pendant lamps and shades, additional – in the form of local lamps.

An Italian chandelier made of wrought iron and crystal was hung in the hall – we chose it to support the staircase. In the small living room, we zoned the room with light by placing two ceiling lamps. A country-style chandelier was placed above the dining table, which provides soft diffused light in the evening, and above the soft area there was a multi-arm chandelier with textile lampshades. For the large living room, more formal and intricate lamps are suitable, which also divide the room into a living room and a dining room. In addition to the lampshade, we used additional lighting in the form of spotlights above the table in the nursery.


The customers were only ready for contrasting accents. But we convinced them to make the walls bright, and to choose more neutral colors for the furniture and floors. This is a great technique, because there are quite a few sunny days a year. And we ended up with a bright, cheerful palette with an abundance of floral motifs.

A small red living room with a white kitchen looks very impressive, but the classic style is respected. The large living room is more calm in a combination of green and red, it is equipped with dark wood furniture and looks like a palace hall.

We chose the color for the bedroom – a pleasant blue – based on the wallpaper. It was also used in the nursery – it’s the perfect color for a marine theme. The bathroom is done in green tones. The lower part of the walls is decorated with white and green tiles, and the upper part is painted pastel green. On the floor we laid Metlakh tiles with a geometric pattern to match the walls.


All furniture is selected in a mix of classic and country style. We made many items specifically for this project in our workshop.

For the small living room, we chose an Italian kitchen from the Cesar factory and English Rosbri tiles for the backsplash, decorated with plums and apples. A round table and Giorgio Piotto chairs in a classic style were placed nearby. A green armchair and a cozy Roy Bosh sofa with floral inserts were placed by the fireplace.

In the large living room, the furniture is more formal: a large buffet has appeared at the entrance, and the central place is occupied by a red sofa and an armchair from the same Roy Bosh collection. By the window there is a Galimberti Nino dining group made of dark wood.

The bed and other bedroom furniture were moved from the main house. And for the children’s room, under the slope of the roof, they assembled a large storage system and a table with a liftable tabletop for growth. They are made of white MDF and natural oak to order in our workshop.

Decor and textiles

We wanted to especially emphasize the country style and close proximity to nature, and we placed accents with the help of floral patterns in textiles and decor.

In the living rooms, textiles, like lighting, were selected in two different types for functional zoning. For the large living room, we chose plain green curtains with airy tulle for the view window and light curtains with a floral pattern for the two smaller side windows. In the kitchen, the window is embedded in the kitchen work surface; we decorated it with a Roman blind, and the other three windows with identical vertical striped curtains.

Heating radiators are also hidden behind textile screens that match the color of the walls.


As the customers wanted, we got a classic interior with country elements. This cozy combination is ideal for a country house. And it’s comfortable to be in this space every day.

Photo of the house before renovation

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