How to make a successful bathroom renovation: a real example.

Not every bathroom needs to radiate sparkling whiteness. Today we will prove to you that black is an equally refreshing and stylish color for a modern bathroom interior. The main thing is to combine it correctly.

Contrary to popular belief, black color does not make the interior gloomy. Quite the opposite – often small portions of black beneficially dilute the color scheme and refresh the look of the room. And in order not to be mistaken in the proportions and shades of black, use a clear example of a bathroom remodel.

Reason for repair

A couple from California were dissatisfied with the classic bathroom interior in traditional light colors: it seemed too boring and faceless to them. The owners decided to add individuality to the interior and dilute the white palette of the bathroom with shades of rich black.

Expanding boundaries

The couple left the ceiling and walls snow-white, and updated the floor with black geometric tiles, making the room seem larger. The classic chess palette is always a win-win option in the design of any interior. And to enhance the effect of increasing space, the owners also replaced the bulky bathtub with an open shower.

Chess duet

Many items in the updated bathroom remained white, because white is the leading shade in the checkerboard palette. The black color only complements it: for example, the tone of the floor tiles is emphasized by dark wood shelves, as well as the side surfaces of the cabinet with a sink. Such accents indicate that white is the basic background, and black is its stylish frame.

Timeless classic

Bathroom accessories are matched to the color palette. These include black and white towels, a black laundry basket and a white flower pot. Thought out to the smallest detail, the bathroom interior gives comfort and peace, but at the same time does not seem boring. Beauty is in simplicity, and the duet of two basic colors looks stylish and very fresh in this interior. 


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