How to renovate a typical bathroom: a real example.

Designer shares simple secrets on how to transform a bathroom in a typical apartment in a couple of weeks.

Do you want to renovate your bathroom yourself? Advice from designer to help you! Using the example of a typical bathroom, we tell you how to make repairs quickly and what to take into account in order to  avoid many difficulties in the future use of the room.


You need to approach bathroom renovations thoroughly and prepare not only practically, but also psychologically. After all, this is one of the “dirtiest” types of construction work.

If renovations are not expected in the rest of the apartment, carefully cover all the furniture with film: during the dismantling of old tiles and plumbing fixtures, a huge amount of dust will appear.

Electrical wiring

Consider the location and number of sockets, lamps and switches. My advice is to give preference to LED lamps.

To determine how many of them are needed for a room, multiply the area of ​​the room in square meters by the specific luminous flux power of the LED (W/sq.m), and then divide the resulting number by the power of one lamp in watts (on average, 5–6 W). For the bathroom, lamps and sockets with a degree of moisture protection IP44 are suitable.

Preparing the walls

In order for the walls to be perfectly smooth, they must first be plastered. To do this, we installed metal guides using a laser level. After that the floor was poured. It is important to let it dry completely, this will take on average 2-3 days. Afterwards, you can start plastering the walls, but you should lay the tiles only after they are completely dry.

Transfer of communications

If you decide to use a water heated towel rail, it is better not to move it far from the riser and give preference to models equipped with Mayevsky valves. This way you can avoid air locks.

The shower stall, on the contrary, can be moved to the wall opposite to the riser. In this case, it is important to correctly observe the angle of inclination of the sewer pipe and install the shower on a small podium made of blocks. We hid the communications and the boiler behind a wall of blocks, leaving a hidden hatch for access to them.

Decoration Materials

The podium on which the shower stall was installed was decorated with white mosaic. The ceiling was made of moisture-resistant plasterboard. The walls were tiled up to the middle and painted on top with white Dulux bathroom paint. 

Installation of plumbing and furniture

It is important to consider the required number of storage cabinets. Our project included a narrow but spacious cabinet for cosmetics and household chemicals. Repairing this bathtub in a typical P-44 series house took two weeks. 

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