It became known what prompted Brad Pitt to live together with his beloved Ines de Ramon.

Last week it became known that Brad Pitt and his new_lover_Ines_de Ramon are_living_together . The girl moved in with her star boyfriend, and thus their relationship became even more serious. We don’t know how the fans, who still haven’t come to terms with the separation of Brad and Angelina Jolie, reacted to what happened, but the actor himself is incredibly happy next to his chosen one Inez, and, as it turned out, everything has long been conducive for the lovebirds to live under the same roof .

According to People, Pitt is very happy in his first_serious_relationship_since the divorce. Of course, he had affairs before meeting Ines, but all of them did not go beyond short-term affairs. Here, the insider says, there’s definitely something different: Brad finally felt “the one,” and a spark ran between them.

The source also noted that many were surprised by the fact that Brad and Ines moved in together, but in reality everything was predictable. “They spent so much time at Brad’s that it made sense to move in together. It’s quite natural,” he explained. The changes have benefited both: now the couple has even more things to do together, which can only benefit their romance.

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