Before and after: a quick and budget-friendly remodel of an old kitchen.

The young family decided to renovate the interior of the kitchen combined with the dining room on their own. Using minimal means and in the shortest possible time, they achieved amazing results.

Boni and Michael Hall are a young family from New Jersey. They put off kitchen renovations for a long time due to lack of time and funds. Therefore, when the couple decided to remodel, their main goal was to do everything as quickly and cheaply as possible. The family approached the issue exclusively methodically – thanks to the unconventional ideas of the owner of the house and the excellent taste of his wife, the kitchen was transformed beyond recognition.

Preparation for repair

The owners of the apartment took a responsible approach to drawing up the plan. First of all, they highlighted all the pros and cons of their kitchen, so that they could later correct the shortcomings and take advantage of the advantages. This approach allowed them to significantly reduce the repair time and budget.

The shortcomings were obvious: the kitchen was too outdated in appearance, it was dark and just plain boring. Nevertheless, it has much more advantages than flaws. So, two windows are a guarantee of natural light, which, as you know, can never be too much. However, both face the shady side, which means the kitchen needs additional lighting.

The partitions were installed very successfully – placing a sufficient number of floor and wall cabinets was not difficult. The importance of a storage system in the kitchen can hardly be overestimated: every drawer and shelf should be in its place.

Also in the kitchen there was the opportunity to place the sink opposite the window – you must agree, this is the dream of any housewife. 

After analyzing the pros and cons, the owners were convinced that they would be able to save significantly on the purchase of furniture and replacing the floor covering (it was decided to scrape off the solid boards on the floor and re-varnish them). In addition, Michael came up with the idea of ​​using leftover parquet boards to create an original countertop. All that remained was to refresh the color of the walls, update the facades of the kitchen furniture and appliances.

Rough work 

First of all, the owner cleared the walls and ceiling of the old coating. All minor flaws on the walls were plastered and cleaned. But before we started painting, it was necessary to scrape the parquet. Once the old burgundy paint was removed, a very beautiful wood grain was revealed. 

Since the owners decided to keep almost all the old kitchen furniture and only a few drawers and a bar table were made to order, the old facades were cleaned, primed, painted and the fittings were replaced.

The final touch 

For the walls in the dining room, the hostess chose a pastel pistachio color. And it was decided to completely decorate the kitchen walls with white glossy tiles. This non-standard solution turned out to be very successful – the new finish looks especially advantageous when paired with a white countertop.

The owner of the house has an amazing ability to combine utilitarian interior items with designer furniture. For example, expensive lamps and bar stools coexist perfectly in this kitchen with simple shelves from IKEA. And the chairs of a famous designer look great with the dining table, which the owner of the house made from the remains of a parquet board. 

The owners preserved the natural pattern of the flooring by covering the boards with tinted varnish. The old floor looks completely different and sets the tone for the entire kitchen.

Boni and Michael did a great job: they took advantage of everything that was already there, removed what was unnecessary, added a few touches and refreshed the color palette. This transformation cost minimal investment of time and money, but the results are amazing: the kitchen looks more open and bright, and the interior has a sense of personality and character.

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