Before and after: remodeling a narrow kitchen.

Alex and Jane are the owners of an apartment with a kitchen extension that has not seen renovation since the house was built. At one point they decided to change everything once and for all. Read what came of it.

Alex and Jane dreamed of a bright and airy dining room overlooking the garden. But the path to it was blocked by an extension in which the kitchen was located. It was always dark and gloomy here. Tiny windows, cramped space, in a word, not a kitchen, but a closet for two. Due to the extension, light was not coming into the house. Blank walls blocked the view of the wonderful garden. Not too romantic. And it’s completely uncomfortable. British architect Frederick Vazetti was not afraid to change this situation.

Before the renovation 

First steps

First, Frederick got rid of the extra walls and created a corner window that offers a beautiful view of the garden and fills the dining room with natural light. When there were no obstacles, all that remained was to place the accents correctly. 

An unexpected but extremely successful decision by the architect was to make part of the wall mirrored. As a rule, mirrors are excellent helpers in changing the geometry of space indoors. But Frederick erased the boundaries of external and internal. It’s as if he turned the banal idea of ​​design inside out. And thus organically integrated the building into the environment. The mirror surface reflects and diffuses light, filling the dining room with a soft, natural glow. And the reflection of the garden creates the illusion of a magical rose garden, as if from a Lewis Carroll fairy tale.

It’s all about the color

Of course, floor-to-ceiling windows and a luxurious mirrored wall were major budget anchors. Alex had to think about saving. So, he did most of the work himself. I bought materials, painted the walls, abandoned the foreman in favor of a highly qualified carpenter. “This glass splashback in the kitchen is my work,” Alex says proudly. He found contractors himself, ordered the panels and glazed them himself.

By the way, please note that this bright accent is the only one in the entire room. Frederic is convinced that a small space should not be overloaded with color. But to keep the kitchen from looking dull, he chose this stunning emerald shade that pairs perfectly with the color of the oak countertop.

Sense of taste

Oak became the main material for the floor, doors, large dining table and bench. The kitchen facades are white lacquered. They reflect light and fit very well into the overall style. This is another expense that Alex saved on because he bought furniture from IKEA. But designer chairs are an exception in this interior. Their bright colors perfectly set off the calm palette of the interior.

The facade of the extension has also undergone changes and this is the work of Alex. “It’s plywood. Moisture-resistant plywood, I installed the strips myself and painted them,” says Alex.

Dreams Come True!

The dining room turned out exactly how Alex and Jane wanted it to be. Bright, spacious and ready for warm friendly meetings. Comfortable kitchen, equipped with everything you need and, of course, a delightful view of the garden. It is not surprising that the result exceeded the owners’ expectations. When something is approached with true inspiration, like Frederick, and skill and love, like Alex and Jane, the result is always something extraordinary and memorable.

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