Kim Kardashian declassified her new hobby and caused heated discussions on the Internet: what is happening and what does Bianca Censori have to do with it.

As soon as Kim Kardashian lost her temper and paid attention to the scandalous outfits of Bianca Censori, in which Kanye West dresses her, she immediately found herself drawn into this vicious circle of intrigue, scandals and suspicion. The other day, the celebrity made an important confession that concerns her range of interests, and provoked accusations of imitating the current wife of her ex-lover.

It turns out that Kim simply loves architecture and landscape design. She announced this after she took part in the creation of one of the videos for AD. “My passion is the study and research of architecture, furniture and landscaping, so I was asked to help cover a home tour for Architectural Digest… It was a great honor and the beginning of our relationship as we shared a mutual love for the same things,” quotes Kim The Mirror.

Fans immediately compared what was what. A well-known fact: Bianca Censori is a professional architect, although against the backdrop of her provocative appearances, everyone has long forgotten about this. They, after carefully listening to Kardashian’s confession, stated that she deliberately invented a hobby for herself, trying to be like Censori. “Is it all thanks to Bianca? Hmm, strange,” said one user on the Internet suspiciously.

We don’t know where the truth is here, but the thought creeps in that Kardashian clearly does not need to imitate Bianca. In the personal life of the Hollywood star, everything is more than wonderful (even Chloe’s sister, whose ex-boyfriend Kim is now dating, gave her blessing to her lovers). Well, considering that lately Censori’s “naked” appearances have a negative impact on the children of Kanye and Kim, there is no need to be like her.

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