Repair in practice: how to create a dressing room in a one-room apartment.

Arranging a separate dressing room in a one-room apartment is not an easy task, but it is important. Using the example of a project by designer Yulia Kovaleva, we will tell you how to give a couple of squares to your things.

1. Task

In a one-room apartment with an area of ​​40 square meters, the customer asked to make a dressing room. He absolutely needed it, since with the exception of two closets located on both sides of the bed, there was no other place to store clothes. 

2. Necessary measure: redevelopment

Originally, the dressing room was part of the hall. There was a small partition in which the customer planned to install a built-in wardrobe. However, the space of the finished niche turned out to be small, so the designer had to make a small redevelopment. 

So, the wall between the hallway and the living room was demolished, after which a new one was built, 40 centimeters closer to the living room. This made it possible to arrange a hallway with hangers for outerwear and a full-fledged dressing room for all other things.

3. Design solution for the dressing room

To arrange a compact dressing room with an area of ​​2.8 square meters, the designer used ready-made wardrobe systems from IKEA (sections with drawers and shelves, as well as several hanging rods). 
Having abandoned the corner sections in advance because of their inconvenience in this case, Yulia arranged the dressing room cabinets in two rows and hung a mirror on the empty wall.  
On one side there are deep sections (55 centimeters deep), on the other side there were enough sections with a depth of 45 centimeters, since shelves and pull-out baskets appeared here. This is the most comfortable depth for them.
The distance between two rows is 90 centimeters, which is more than enough for a small dressing room.

The designer painted the walls in light colors, and laid a low-pile brick-colored carpet on the floor, which was used in the main room. It is easy to care for, it does not stain, and if desired, it can be easily replaced with a new one.

There was a narrow opening in the dressing room, so we had to abandon installing a regular door. In addition, doors eat up space even more, and as practice shows, they are often not closed in rooms. On both sides of this opening, the designer decided to make niches on the living room side, so it was not possible to install a sliding door here either. Therefore, a curtain that matches the color of the wallpaper and walls became the only right way out of the situation.  
Textiles always complement and make the interior more comfortable. By the way, in a room where a curtain is used, you can refuse additional ventilation.

Tips from designer Yulia Kovaleva for arranging a small dressing room

1. In a compact dressing room, it is better to paint the walls, since the wallpaper can move away from the walls over time due to changes in temperature and humidity and can be easily scratched. Paint is not afraid of such manipulations.

2. Always try to decorate a small dressing room in light colors. Dark walls will make a dark, windowless room feel gloomy. 

3. It is always difficult to comfortably illuminate a small dressing room, so add lighting on the mirror to the ceiling lighting.

4. Try not to make the transition between the adjacent room and the dressing room along the floor. Use the same material as in the main room. 

5. If you think in advance about what furniture will be in the dressing room and its contents, then you can save a lot by adjusting the size of the walls and doorway to fit this dressing room, but within reason, of course. 

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