What does the grown-up son of Sarah Jessica Parker look like: a rare photo

The star of the legendary TV series Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker, unlike her heroine Carrie Bradshaw, is a family person. She does not have hundreds of affairs with eligible Hollywood bachelors, which her character can boast of. In the actress’s real life, everything is simple: she has been happily married to Matthew Broderick for many years and has three children – twin girls Marion and Tabitha, as well as a son, James.

Sarah Jessica Parker lives by the principle “happiness loves silence,” and therefore family outings are rare for her. Photos with her lover and children appear extremely rarely on her personal blog (which cannot be said, for example, about photographs of luxurious shoes in Sarah’s account – this similarity with Carrie cannot be taken away from her). However, the day before, a photo of a matured James circulated on the Internet, which delighted fans.

James himself shared pictures of a walk with his parents on Instagram. There was also a place in the latest publication for parents – Matthew and Sarah look happy together!

“I wish Carrie Bradshaw was my mother,” “He’s as handsome as his parents,” “You’ve grown so much!” “He has his father’s smile,” fans noted. And if in appearance the guy really looks more and more like the on-screen Inspector Gadget, then he clearly inherited his sense of style from his mother – in this purple sweater, subscribers write, James is a real crush.

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