Before and after: couple’s bedroom.

When working on a bedroom project for a married couple, the designer set herself three main tasks: set the overall tone and style of the room, deal with the ubiquitous clutter and choose a new bed.

Interior designer Jane Lockhard has noticed a common trend: when it comes to decor, her clients pay the least attention to the bedroom, despite spending most of their time there while at home. “After a long day of work, I just want to lie down and close my eyes,” we usually tell ourselves, not wanting to deal with the clutter and postponing routine household chores for another day. 

When designing a bedroom for a Canadian couple, Lockhardt set herself three main goals: setting the overall tone and style of the room, dealing with the omnipresent clutter, and finding a new bed.

Time for a change 

The bedroom was a fairly spacious room. In general, the arrangement of the furniture was quite rational and comfortable. However, there was no single style in the room; there were a lot of different things – from clothes to antiques (sentimental trinkets are the owners’ weakness). However, everyone understood that changes were necessary, so some of the things were given away or sold. Finally, the room was clear enough to begin work.

Tenderness of color

Jane Lockhart was captivated by the view from her bedroom window. The gentle morning colors of dawn over Lake Ontario instantly became an inspiration for the designer. A muted white color was chosen as the main background, and pastel shades of pink and light gray prevailed in the design of the space above the bed. 

Jane recommends always using moldings on your walls. This simple architectural detail adds elegance to any room, no matter its size or ceiling height.

Fundamental point

The bed is, of course, the heart of the bedroom. The old-fashioned model with frills and an uncomfortable springy mattress was replaced with a stylish and elegant one, with an ergonomic and hypoallergenic mattress. The dark gray faux suede headboard adds a sophisticated and personal touch to the entire room. Luxurious textiles, pillows and curtains, in turn, support the intended image and color.

History in detail

The window in the bedroom is large. It lets a lot of natural light into the room, and the sound of the waves outside the window adds romance and peace. To soften the flow of light, the designer used light-diffusing curtains. Silk reptiles perfectly complement the decor. A soft and warm carpet by the window warms the body and soul during the long Canadian winter.

Like many modern designers, Jane prefers multi-layered artificial lighting: “The combination of lamps at different heights and different brightnesses, thanks to dimmers, gives a stunning effect – the room looks extremely cozy and so romantic.”

The furniture in the room is natural, mostly dark colors. Antique bedside tables from the owners’ collection were repainted black and brown. A chic solid wood chest of drawers with brass handles fits perfectly into the overall style of the room. 

Many mirrors were used in the decor. They perform a decorative function. It’s a kind of constantly changing exhibition. Mirrors reflect light and interior items. And elegant frames serve as an excellent frame for these original “paintings”.

With matching hues and prints, like the jewelry tray and throw pillows on the bed, Jen was able to stylistically unify the room across all areas. The bedroom turned out to be complete, elegant, cozy and functional – this is exactly how the owners of the apartment dreamed of seeing it.

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