Before and after: transforming your bathroom with wallpaper.

Do you want to update your interior, but don’t know where to start? Today we will tell you how to improve a classic bathroom with wallpaper with an unusual print.

A completed interior is a flexible concept, because for some people a bed in the bedroom and a refrigerator in the kitchen are enough, while others, on the contrary, have been improving the decoration of their home for many years. Today we will tell you how to quickly and inexpensively update your bathroom, giving its interior a complete look.

Reason for repair

Emily didn’t initially plan on remodeling the bathroom, but when she saw wallpaper with a playful ostrich print, she couldn’t resist and immediately got to work. The remodel took 3 weeks, and as a result, Emily was very pleased with the result – the snow-white bathroom interior was transformed and became more individual.

With your own hands

The bathroom remodel was on a budget, so it was very important for Emily’s family to keep all the furnishings, spending money only on buying a new mirror and wallpaper. The girl updated many of the accessories herself: for example, Emily painted the chest of drawers black and created her own posters with inspiring calligraphic inscriptions. The owner of the apartment also sewed curtains for the bathroom with her own hands.

Final review

As a result, the bathroom interior has changed a lot, although only the walls of the room have been truly updated. Thanks to the bold print, the interior is livened up and appears larger, and snow-white furniture no longer blends in with accessories of the same shade. The bathroom turned out to be cozy and stylish, and now its interior can be called complete.

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