How to design a combined nursery for a boy and a girl aged 3–7 years: 4 practical tips.

In small apartments, children rarely have separate rooms. Sometimes a brother and sister share a common space. Today we will tell you how to decorate a nursery to please both a boy and a girl.

Many children have to share a room with a brother or sister. If 2 boys or 2 girls live in a nursery, problems, as a rule, do not arise. What to do if a brother and sister share a nursery? How to decorate the interior taking into account completely different children’s interests? We have put together some tips that will help you solve this problem once and for all.

Tip #1: Give preference to neutral colors

When choosing the main color for a shared children’s room, pay attention to neutral shades of the palette that are suitable for both boys and girls. These colors can be blue, green, yellow and peach. And so that the nursery does not seem boring, add patterns to the palette – on the walls, curtains, rugs and bedding.

Tip #2: Store toys in drawers

As a rule, in a common nursery there is not much space for each of the children. To prevent them from quarreling during games, teach your kids to store toys in drawers – this simple and effective method will avoid possible quarrels between a boy and a girl, make cleaning easier for you, and also free up space in the nursery.

Tip #3: Choose practical furniture

Furniture in a shared nursery should be simple and functional. Give up decorated and bulky beds in favor of compact bunk models. Choose light shades of furniture – they are best suited for a child’s room. And to highlight your children’s interests, ask them to help you choose bedding.

Tip #4: Decorate the interior with your children

When choosing jewelry and accessories, remember that it is important to take into account the interests of each child. So, joint family photographs or, for example, children’s creativity will be an excellent decoration for a common nursery. When buying a decorative item, be sure to ask your children for help, explaining that they need to choose one of several proposed options. You can rest assured that the children will take the matter seriously and choose the appropriate option for both.

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