It became known what helped save the marriage of Kanye West and Bianca Censori after a major quarrel.

Last week there was no news about Bianca Censori’s “naked” appearances, but the Network was full of details of her quarrel with Kanye West. The couple quarreled because the model ordered the musician not to use anti-Semitic phrases in the new Vultures album, but he, of course, disobeyed. However, it was not difficult to earn forgiveness: the Daily Mail writes that the couple’s relationship improved thanks to the financial success of the record.

The insider said that Kanye’s action made Bianca doubt whether to continue their relationship, but as soon as the album began to sell actively, she became a “loving wife.” It is noteworthy that tension between the spouses arose several months ago, but all the problems seemed to have evaporated. Bianca’s loved ones now fear for her even more than usual: they, the source says, do not want the girl to endure her husband’s bullying for the sake of money.

Be that as it may, most of the profits from the album belong to Censori: she was responsible for the visual component and branding, and also posed for the cover. This fact, by the way, was also criticized by fans – Kanye, sources said , uses his wife “like a hanger.” Why Bianca has not yet left her husband seems to be known only to herself, but something tells us that everything is simple. “She loves him because… well, she does,” the source noted.

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