Paris Hilton’s mom revealed a terrible secret about her daughter’s pets: “Real clones”.

Back in the 2000s and 2010s, it was impossible to imagine Paris Hilton not in pink and without a dog in her arms. A chihuahua named Diamond Baby for the time being accompanied the star at almost all parties, but in 2022 the pet ran away. Then, in September, the socialite asked her multi-million audience for help in the search and explained that this dog was “like a daughter” to her. Alas, Diamond Baby was never found – neither subscribers, detectives, nor psychics helped. But celebrity husband Carter Reum found a solution so that his beloved would not be too upset.

The man Googled a company that does animal cloning. As luck would have it, after having her dog spayed many years ago, Paris thought of preserving the dog’s stem cells. So the star got two more pets – Diamond and Baby, the “grandchildren” of Diamond Baby. “I revived them from my Chihuahua,” Paris said in the series “In Love with Paris.” “They are like two peas in a pod, they walk together, sleep together. They are real clones,” Kathy Hilton, the celebrity’s mother, enthusiastically told US Weekly. But the star’s sister Nicky is wary of the origin of dogs: “Call me old-fashioned, but… We have a pet, we love it, and then we bury it in the backyard. In my opinion, the concept of cloning is contrary to life as it is.” Paris, however, has always had oddities, but we don’t blame her: everyone experiences grief as best they can.

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