Before and after: cool transformation of a one-room apartment in an old building.

See how they made repairs in a “killed” building and stayed within a small budget.

Designer turned an old “killed” one-room apartment in a building built in 1966 into a nice and comfortable apartment for rent.

Kitchen before renovation

The kitchen is very small, with gas. I wanted to make it more functional without redevelopment, to provide a full-fledged dining space. 

Kitchen after renovation

During the renovation, the stove and sink were replaced. The set was bought at Leroy Merlin; it is compact but roomy.

The walls were painted with washable paint. For the dining area we took a small round table and bright chairs with a plastic seat – practical and easy to clean. The walls were decorated with posters.

Room before renovation

The room is standard, with access to the balcony. It was necessary to provide a full-fledged comfortable sleeping area and a living room area. Add light, air and interesting details.

Room after renovation

The area of ​​the room allowed for a double bed and a fold-out sofa – they were chosen in practical gray upholstery. Opposite the bed is a TV.

The walls were painted a deep green shade and orange piping was added to the ceiling. This emphasis is repeated in textiles and decor. The window was decorated with thick curtains, and the heating radiator was covered with a screen.

Lighting fixtures are also accent lighting; they add atmosphere to a rather simple interior.

Bathrooms before renovation

The renovation in the bathrooms left much to be desired – old painted walls, open communications. Everything is unaesthetic and inconvenient.

Bathrooms after renovation

The premises were left separate. In the bathroom, a washing machine was installed under a special sink, and the bathtub and heated towel rail were replaced. The wet area was tiled with green tiles, and the remaining walls were painted.

An ordinary toilet was installed in the toilet, and the wall behind it was covered with clapboard, and the remaining surfaces were painted. The communications were hidden in a cabinet with louvered doors.

Hallway before renovation

The entrance area was non-functional and very dark due to the overhanging mezzanine.

Hallway after renovation

The mezzanine was removed, storage was organized in a narrow closet opposite the front door. We placed a floor hanger, a mirror and a pouf.

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