Before and after: do-it-yourself renovation of an outdated apartment.

From a  two-room apartment in terrible condition, the designer created a modern interior for her family.

In this two-room apartment with an area of ​​55 m²,  interior blogger Alena Zhirova lives with her family. The apartment is located in a standard panel house, but it was possible to make the necessary redevelopment without affecting the load-bearing partitions. In the design, the owner combined loft, Scandinavian and eco styles.

Kitchen and living room before renovation

The layout was standard: a separate kitchen and a separate living room. The owner wanted to use the space more efficiently, so they remodeled it.

Kitchen-living room after renovation

As a result of the redevelopment, the entrance to the large room was moved – now it can be accessed from the kitchen through sliding partitions. In this way, it was possible to zone the living space and create a kitchen-living room, as well as a private sleeping area with a full bed.

The set was made linear: some of the facades were finished in concrete and wood. All equipment is built-in. A refrigerator was built in separately; the partition in the hallway was adjusted to accommodate it.

The living room continues in style with the kitchen interior. The TV area is rarely used, but a comfortable sofa and armchair are popular. For comfort, wooden details, textiles, carpet and living plants were added.

Behind the pine slats is the sleeping area. A built-in wardrobe was installed opposite the bed, where the main storage is located. The economic part is also provided here.

Bathrooms before renovation

The bathroom and toilet are separate according to the plan. The area is tiny, so the space feels cramped and cluttered. I wanted to expand the functionality and completely replace the finishing.

Bathrooms after renovation

A closet area has been added to the bathroom. It turned out to be an elongated room, it was divided into two zones – for washing and taking a bath and a laundry room. The cabinet under the sink is a cabinet from a kitchen set, it fits very well. The interior continues with green accents, which look great with white background tiles.

A closet for household items was placed in the toilet – the facades were made independently from slatted doors.

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