Before and after: gorgeous transformation of an old building.

After 20 years of living in this apartment, the customers decided to update the interior. Look how beautiful it turned out!

The customers invited designer Alexandra Yakushenko to jointly update the furnishings of a three-room apartment in an old building and introduce modern techniques and bright colors into the interior. There was no specific stylistic preference – the designer relied on existing art and the wishes of the clients.

Kitchen-living room before renovation

The apartment had its kitchen, living room and bathrooms remodeled many years ago. The kitchen and living room are combined. The corner set is made in the once fashionable combination of gray and natural wood, the apron is multi-colored from several types of tiles.

The dining area is located near the wall between two windows, while the living room space is quite empty.

Kitchen-living room after renovation

The new set is made to order and also has an L-shape. The built-in refrigerator is located closer to the entrance, then there is a module for storing vegetables and a sink, a corner module, a free work surface, along the second wall there is a dishwasher, an electric stove, a large module with drawers for storing large utensils. The kitchen set is completed by a low cabinet with an oven.

“I decided to make the upper zone of the kitchen only along one of the walls, and to “unload” the view and place on it a “floating” copper-colored hood, which in itself is both decor and good household appliances. They also decided to use the space under the window sill and installed a small hanging bar there. It is painted in the same color as the walls, only the handles are made of natural green stone and emphasize the overall color palette of the interior,” says the designer.

Corridor and hallway before renovation

The corridor was zoned with paint and wallpaper. The storage systems were outdated in design, and the customers wanted to change them.

Corridor and hallway after renovation

The peculiarity of the interior is a combination of old and new, rare things (Boulle chest of drawers, a sofa dear to the customers’ hearts – the only thing they left from the previous furnishings) and very modern ones (electronic piano, paintings, kitchen apron). The basis is classic: moldings, herringbone parquet as a tribute to the Stalinist Empire style.

The storage system in the hallway consists of two closets for clothes of small depth. In one of them there is a hanger with retractable shoe racks and shelves, in the second there is a bar with shelves. The apartment is intended for two people, so first of all they took care of aesthetics and preserving free space; there was no task to provide many storage areas. Both cabinets are located in niches, so their fronts look more like part of the wall decoration, rather than as separate pieces of furniture.

Music room before renovation

The room served as a place to relax and practice music. The customers’ grandchildren also spend time there. The interior was very simple, without remarkable details. These are exactly what I wanted to add.

Music room after renovation

The designer proposed an interesting design for the window in the music room: blinds are a housewife’s dream, evoking associations with the sea and warm countries. The window sill and the shelving underneath are made of natural wood. This family reads a lot, so the task was to arrange a fairly extensive library, part of which was located in this shelving unit, and part of it in the built-in display case in the hallway.

Bathroom before renovation

Standard square tiles of two shades were used for decoration. These are not pure colors, so the interior looked a little “dirty”.

Bathroom after renovation

In the bathroom, the toilet was moved and the proportions of the niche behind the bathtub were changed – it became wider and lower, more suitable for the dimensions of the bathtub. We also made a functional hidden cabinet in the form of panels painted gray, where communications, a manifold cabinet and a place for storing household chemicals were located.

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