Fans of Selena Gomez are concerned about her appearance in recent photographs: “Antidepressants are poisoning her body”

You can hardly expect good words from Internet users lately about Selena Gomez. Although, what can you expect from simple Internet onlookers, if even fans allow themselves to make unflattering statements about the singer’s new romance or her appearance. And if with the first everything is already clear: the singer is happy with her boyfriend Benny Blanco , no matter how unattractive he may seem to the fans, then about the second there are still active disputes between the selenators and the haters of the artist.

The other day, Selena visited Paris and simply inundated her subscribers with publications on the social network, which is not very typical for her. The singer either refuses to use her personal blog, then returns there again, putting on a real show in stories and in the comments (Gomez often likes to chat with followers through her own posts). This time the photographs, which also turned out to be very revealing, also caused a wave of indignation, but the most interesting things began later.

The paparazzi also managed to photograph Selena in France, and in their photographs it is clearly visible that the girl has gained weight again. There is nothing surprising about this, given that Gomez suffers from an autoimmune disease and has many mental problems, which together affect her figure. However, for fans, the fresh footage has become another cause for concern. They are sure: the star of the series “Murders in the Same Building” takes drugs that have an extremely negative effect on her behavior and appearance.

“The antidepressants are taking effect and poisoning her body,” “She’s so bloated!” – users spoke out. Some even recalled that shortly before these shots, Selena published very controversial photos with food: “So she will share photos with a stuffed face, and later come up with some strange excuses about her appearance that are a direct result of this behavior, or try to shift the blame to the observers.”

By the way, about food. Some fans suggested that all the shots with croissants in Paris turned out to be staged, and Gomez herself has long suffered from an eating disorder – hence, they write on the Internet, all the problems with weight.

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